Acai Berry

From the Amazon in Brazil, an Acai tree is famous for many things including its palms and its berry fruit. It is the berries that provide the basis of the various products that have become popular since 2004. Amongst other things, the berry contains antioxidant properties and can be classed as a superfruit.

Acai Advanced ™

The new and improved Acai Advanced contains all the goodness of the Acai Berry, Green Tea and Guarana Seeds.

5.0 out of 5
*"works like a treat"
Tammy Forster
Pure Acai 750mg Pure Acai 750

Pure Acai, the widely used natural vitamin. The ingredients used in this antioxidant formula are capable of protecting against bacterial infection. Unlike many other products on the market, Pure Acai does not use Acai...

4.0 out of 5
*"The value for money is good and you can definitely tell the acai is of high quality due to its dark purple colour...."

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